Bohemian Sun And Moon Round Crystal Drop Earrings
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Bohemian Sun And Moon Round Crystal Drop Earrings

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Welcome our new sun and moon earrings to the shop! The perfect little pick me up for a special someone, or a unique gift that shows how much you care this Christmas, birthday or Valentine’s day. These earrings are sure to delight any special gal in your life!

These beautiful bohemian earrings perfectly combine sun and moon elements and make the wearer feel like they can see the stars – reminding us all of the duality between night and day. Our handmade designs feature 925 sterling silver finish and light-weight feel, making these earrings a specialty item for anyone wanting something unique. They pair beautifully with jeans, leggings, or whatever you choose – your style will stand out no matter where you go!

The passionate gypsy spirit embodied in these earrings speaks of strength, beauty and power of two entities combined. Their polished glow is an everlasting reminder that special balance nature brings into our lives. Capture your magical moments wearing these tantalizing sun and moon earrings – they never fail to charm when given as a gift!

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