About Us

Kelly is the founder and owner of Serenity Place Store, a small boutique specializing in CBD wellness products, leggings, and natural products for families.

Kelly’s path to opening Serenity Place Store is filled with many exciting twists and turns.

In 2000, Kelly founded an online retail business called Kelly’s Closet. After a decade of building the company into a multi-million dollar business, she was ready to pursue other opportunities. She sold her business in 2010 and began her next adventure, writing the #1 how-to award-winning book on cloth diapering, Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering. Kelly is considered one of the leading authorities on cloth diapers.

Despite selling her first business and publishing a book, the entrepreneur bug was still alive and well inside of Kelly. She decided to start her next venture, Green Team Distribution. Pulling from her years of retail experience and personally knowing the trials and tribulations retailers faced when working with multiple manufacturers, Kelly decided to start a business to ease that burden for retailers. She desired a business that met both the needs of busy, time-strapped manufacturers and retailers and brought the two parties together to work in harmony.

Upon selling Green Team Distribution in 2015 Kelly was encouraged by industry colleagues to start a consulting and marketing firm to help businesses grow with Kelly’s unique approach to marketing and growth strategies.

In 2018, Kelly decided to open a brick and mortar store, Serenity Place, located in Oxford, Maine. Kelly, her family, and employees built a unique 'community-style' shopping experience. In March 2020, when Covid-19 shut down many brick and mortar stores nationwide, Kelly made the difficult decision to concentrate her time and efforts developing an 'online community' and closed her brick and mortar location. Even though this was a very hard decision to make Kelly believed that in times of adversity some of our most creative ideas come to light.

Kelly has received numerous press coverage and awards over the years. One stand out award is when the now former Maine Senator, Olympia Snowe, awarded Kelly with a Congressional Medal of Honor in 2008, honoring her has a leading entrepreneur from the state of Maine. She has also been featured in many publications including the Chicago Sun Times, Washington Post, as well as many contributions to the natural products industry.

Today, Kelly lives in beautiful Maine. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, and living the green lifestyle.