Using CBD With Relaxation Practices: What Are The Potential Benefits?

Relaxation is at the very core of physical and mental health and well being. Mankind, since ancient times, has developed physical and meditative practices for reaching optimum physical, mental and emotional balance. In addition to these practices, various herbal formulas, from tinctures to teas, including hemp extracts, have also played a role in supporting natural health, relaxation and vitality. So, what are the potential benefits of using CBD in conjunction with your relaxation practices? Let’s explore the possible benefits of CBD use with a couple of today’s most popular practices.

Ways CBD Might Enhance Your Yoga Practice

The ancient practice of Hatha Yoga is a combination of physical stretches and postures in conjunction with the breath. The various postures, along with the breath, have multiple benefits for promoting flexibility and strength, as well as providing support for various organs and natural systems in the body. Here are some ways that a dose of CBD might enhance your yoga session.

  • CBD may help enhance your flexibility due to its relaxing effects. Flexibility is generally associated with stretched, elongated muscles and although that is partly true, there is more to the story. A relaxed mind, which, in yoga, is achieved by mindful, natural breathing throughout the various postures, releases tension in the muscles. Relaxed muscles have a greater flexibility. Because CBD has an effect of overall relaxation and calm, it can help enhance muscle relaxation, as well as relax your mind, for flexibility enhancement.
  • CBD may help your focus and concentration on your breath, which allows you to gently release stress, throughout the postures. This rhythmic release helps you go more deeply into your practice.

CBD For Sitting Meditation Practice

Sitting Meditation is another ancient relaxation practice that incorporates the use of breath, focus and concentration. Sitting meditation also requires that you are able to maintain an upright sitting posture, while concentrating on the natural rhythm of your breath. Here are some ways that a dose of CBD, prior to meditating, may help with some of the ‘challenges’ people often experience with sitting in meditation.

  • To benefit from a sitting meditation, the body needs to be relaxed enough to maintain the sitting posture throughout the duration of the meditation. People often experience various pains and discomforts in the body, in the beginning of the meditative session, due to maintaining a posture of stillness. CBD has both pain relief and tension release properties that may help you get over this initial hurdle, prior to going into a meditative state.
  • In order to drift into a deep meditative state, concentration and focus on the breath is required to help release the ‘monkey mind’ chatter that is a natural function of the unfocused mind. CBD may help promote your ability to relax and focus on your breath. It is through this combination of breathing and focus that you can experience the deep release and peace associated with the practice of meditation.

Have you used CBD for your favorite relaxation practice? If so, please share with us what you experienced and any tips you have, in the comment section below! We love hearing from you!

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