Do's And Don'ts About Face Mask Coverings

The current COVID 19 situation is making everyone curious about the benefits of the mask. While many individuals out there are using some kind of precautionary method to stay safe, most of us ignore little things. This ignorance can be one of the reasons behind getting affected by the virus. We have listed down some do's and don'ts of face masks that can be used as a guide before heading out from your home.

Whether you decide to wear a mask or not is a personal choice. Keep in mind that it is best to be as respectful as possible about the philosophy of mask wearing. 

Do's About Face Masks:

 Know the proper way to put your face mask: While wearing an ear loop mask, take utmost care while securing the loops behind the ears. Also, if you want to reuse the face cover, then keep it in the bag, until it goes for laundry.

 Choose face masks having multiple layers: Always ensure that your face cover is made of tight fabric and has at least two layers. Also, make sure that you can breathe adequately because too many layers can cause you breathing issues. 

 Find the right fit: Everyone has different facial cuts. Hence, look for a face mask that fits appropriately against your nose. A small gap can let in microbes, which can cause the spread.

 Always sanitize your hands: Right after you have disposed of the mask properly (if you are using a disposable type), make sure you sanitize your hands before applying another mask. Sanitizing hands multiple times can stop the spread of the virus.

Don'ts About Face Masks:

 Don't buy a medical-grade mask: Surgical and medical-grade masks are already short in supply. It's highly recommended not to buy one, and keep them stored for medical urgency only.

 Never get a mask for your little one: It's suggested not to use any face cover for a child under two years. They can have trouble breathing leading to unconsciousness and other respiratory issues. Also, a child cannot remove the mask on their own; they need proper assistance.

 Stop pushing down your mask regularly: This is one of the significant concerns through which many are getting affected. Don't ever push the face mask down the chin and do activities. Always remove your face cover while eating or drinking and put it one after you have done.

 Don't stay entirely dependent on the mask: Many other preventive measures are essential, just like masks. Always pay attention while walking and keep an appropriate distance. Wash your hands after regular intervals, and keep a sanitizer handy while heading out.

Also, Don't Forget Physical Distancing...and Common Sense!

Face masks are undoubtedly a good precaution against the virus. But, sometimes, due to mishandling, you may get affected. Hence, always keep 6 feet distance while walking on the road and avoid touching surfaces.

The above given do's and don'ts are simple and easy to follow. The care of our family and loved ones are always in our hands; hence, stay safe by following the right precautionary methods! If you have any health conditions or concerns be sure to check with your health care professional.

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